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The P/V Podcast

Realogy: Ryan Schneider on Macro and Societal Shifts in Residential Real Estate

Southeastern’s Vice Chairman, Staley Cates, interviews Ryan Schneider, CEO and President of Realogy.

Staley and Ryan start by discussing Ryan’s background and why he chose to join Realogy [1:11 – 6:21]. Next, they discuss the interplay of technology and human agents in the real estate world and how that has shifted with COVID [6:22 – 10:41]. Ryan then describes the pros and cons of iBuying [10:42 – 13:49] and the opportunities that Realogy has in the luxury space [13:50 – 15:55]. They shift to cover macro topics, including Ryan’s view of the housing market [15:56 – 18:41], the future of the office post-pandemic [18:42 – 20:20], millennial home ownership [20:21 – 22:04], long-term interest rates [22:05 – 24:33] and regional differences in housing markets [24:34 – 28:45]. Ryan next details the difference between Realogy’s owned and franchise segments [28:46 – 31:22] and potential refranchising opportunities that he has considered [31:23 – 34:45]. Ryan describes the balance sheet improvements he has made since he joined the firm [34:46 – 36:27], including issuing convertible notes in 2021 [36:28 – 38:26] and how he weighs capital allocation decisions versus buying back discounted shares [38:27 – 40:20]. Finally, Ryan discusses Realogy’s commitment to creating a diverse organization that operates in a socially and ethically responsible way [40:21 – 43:34] and ends with a discussion of his outlook for the business [43:35 – 46:19].