Our investing success allows us to give back to our community

In the Community

An equal passion for how we invest and for giving back to the community is the most important common thread across our employees.

You want to pursue a career in investing for the intellectual challenge, for the reward of being correct about your investment decisions and for the opportunity to help others.

O. Mason Hawkins, CFA


We generally prefer to work behind the scenes and try to avoid the spotlight for our philanthropic efforts, similar to how we approach engagement with our investee companies. However, we seek to inspire and encourage others to take action wherever we can. The strong support of our clients over nearly five decades has allowed us to contribute to Memphis, where we are headquartered, being named the most charitable city in the US, with studies showing that average household giving in Memphis is almost double the national average.

Southeastern employees have founded and/or directly supported well over 500 different non-profits in Memphis and elsewhere, with a focus on improving education and providing mentorship for those in need, training and recruiting talent for high impact jobs, revitalizing neighborhoods, developing sustainable food sources and supporting the arts community. Partnering with these non-profits, Southeastern employees and their families also volunteer their time and leadership to multiple organizations within the community. The company provides a financial match to each employee’s charitable donations of up to $5,000, and we encourage community involvement from all our employees with an explicit policy that allows for the use of workdays for philanthropic pursuits.