Value Investors Since 1975

Southeastern Asset Management has been a leader in value equity investing for over four decades. We created the Longleaf Partners Funds in 1987, as a way for our employees to invest alongside our clients, and today Southeastern employees and related entities are the largest collective investor across Funds advised by Southeastern. This partnership tradition is the foundation for how we manage our business, how we communicate with our clients and how we invest. Our global research team applies a single bottom-up investment approach, focused on protecting against permanent capital loss, while seeking to deliver strong absolute returns for our partners and ourselves.

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Partnership is core to what we do–within our firm, our investors and with company management teams.

O. Mason Hawkins, CFA


Our Investment Offerings

Southeastern is the investment advisor to the Longleaf Partners Funds. Our global research team makes decisions for all investment offerings, applying the same long-term, concentrated, engaged value approach to each strategy on a bottom-up basis.

Separately Managed Accounts

Southeastern SMAs are available to clients in most countries and have a $25 million minimum.

Longleaf Partners Funds (US Investors)

Four SEC-registered mutual funds are available for US investors, with a $10,000 minimum.

Longleaf UCITS Funds (Non-US Investors)

Two Dublin-domiciled UCITS funds are available for eligible investors and institutions, with a $1 million minimum.

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