Resources and information for Longleaf Partners Funds shareholders

Account Resources

Current and prospective shareholders of the Longleaf Partners Funds can find mutual fund account forms, instructions and additional resources and information below.

Prospectus & Summary Prospectus

Prospectus and Summary Prospectus which should be read carefully before investing to learn about the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses of the Funds.

The Prospectus and Summary Prospectus can be accessed here:

Account Forms

Medallion Signature Guarantee

  • A Medallion Signature Guarantee is required when:
    You are redeeming more than $100,000 or are requesting a transfer or exchange of more than $100,000 (not including direct IRA transfers) from any Fund.
  • You are requesting changes to the ownership of an account, such as removing a joint owner, if the account has a value of more than $100,000.
  • You are redeeming within 30 days of a change to your account address.
  • You are requesting that a redemption be sent to an address or bank instructions other than those already established for your account.
  • You are requesting a redemption check be made payable to someone other than the registered account owner (not including direct IRA transfers).

There may be circumstances in addition to those listed above that require a Medallion Signature Guarantee. Please contact us at (800) 445-9469, option 0, if you have questions regarding these requirements.

Acceptable medallion guarantees may be obtained from banks, brokerage firms or other institutions that are members of either the Securities Transfer Association Medallion Signature Program (STAMP), the New York Stock Exchange Medallion Signature Program (MSP), or the Stock Exchange Medallion Program (SEMP). The guarantee must be in original form, as photocopies or fax copies are not accepted. The surety bond coverage of the Medallion Signature Guarantee on your request must be equal to, or greater than, the value of the requested transaction, and the guarantee must have unlimited effectiveness. Notarization is not an acceptable Medallion Signature Guarantee. If your Medallion Signature Guarantee is not in good order, your transaction will be rejected.

Redeeming Shares

You may withdraw any portion of your account in a share or dollar amount at any time. We will send your redemption proceeds within one week of receipt of your redemption request in good order. To allow the Fund to plan for large redemptions in an orderly manner, we request that you notify us of anticipated redemptions of $1,000,000 or more at least 5 business days before the formal redemption request.  We must have received a completed and signed application or W-9 form before releasing redemption proceeds.

Redemption and Exchanges By Telephone

Investors who have established telephone redemption and exchange privileges may redeem or make exchanges of up to $100,000 per Fund over the telephone. Telephone redemptions may not be made from IRA accounts. Accounts with address change requests within the last 30 days must submit written redemption instructions with a Medallion Signature Guarantee. The following procedures are applicable:

  • You may establish telephone redemption and exchange privileges when completing the account application or you may request the service by sending a written request to our Transfer Agent.
  • Call (800) 445-9469, option 0, if you have established telephone redemption and exchange privileges on your account.
  • Exchanges into new accounts must meet the $10,000 minimum and any closed fund exceptions.
  • Proceeds of redemptions will be sent only to the address of record or in accordance with previously established bank instructions.
  • Telephonic orders completed before the close of the New York Stock Exchange receive that day’s price.
  • Telephonic orders completed after the close of the New York Stock Exchange receive the next business day’s price.
  • The Funds may not hold a redemption request to be processed at a later date.

Please retain the confirmation number assigned to your telephone redemption or exchange as proof of your trade. You cannot change or cancel a telephone redemption or exchange request after the transaction has been processed. The transfer agent employs reasonable procedures to confirm that instructions received by telephone are genuine. When these procedures are followed, the Funds and the transfer agent are not liable for losses caused by such instructions. The Fund reserves the right to revise or terminate telephone redemption and exchange privileges at any time.

Redemptions By Letter

The following information must be included in a redemption request:

Your account number;

Fund identification:
A07 PF 133 – Partners
A07 SC 134 – Small-Cap
A07 IN 136 – International
A07 GL 137 – Global

The amount of the redemption, specified in either dollars or shares;

The signatures of all owners, exactly as they are registered on the account;
Medallion Signature Guarantees are required under certain circumstances. In addition, your Medallion Signature Guarantees must have the appropriate “prefix” covering the amount of your redemption request. Please see the Shareholder Manual in our Prospectus regarding Medallion Signature Guarantees. If your Medallion Signature Guarantee is not in good order, your transaction will be rejected;

Fund Certificates, if any have been issued for the shares being redeemed;
Other supporting legal documents that may be required in cases of estates, corporations, trusts and certain other accounts. Please call our transfer agent at (800) 445-9469, option 0, if you have questions about these requirements.

Redemption requests and required documentation should be sent as follows:

By regular mail
Longleaf Partners Funds
c/o BNY Mellon
P.O. Box 534448
Pittsburgh, PA 15253-4448

By express mail or overnight courier
Longleaf Partners Fund
c/o BNY Mellon
Attn: 534448
500 Ross Street 154-0520
Pittsburgh, PA 15262
(800) 445-9469

Items delivered to the P.O. Box are not deemed “received” until they arrive at BNY Mellon for processing. Time critical items requiring proof of receipt should be sent to the Westborough, MA address. Distributions and transfers from IRA accounts are subject to additional requirements. Please obtain our “Retirement Account Distribution Form”, “IRA Transfer” and “Conversion”or consult your tax advisor when redeeming from your retirement account.

Automatic Withdrawals

You may establish automatic withdrawals from your account by sending written instructions to the transfer agent. You may request withdrawals monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annually. Withdrawals will be processed on or about the 21st day of the month they are scheduled to occur. You can stop or change the amount of your automatic withdrawal by calling us at (800) 445-9469, option 0.

If stopped, you can restart your automatic withdrawal by calling us at (800) 445-9469, option 0, within 6 months of the time your systematic withdrawal was stopped. You must send written instructions to make other changes or to restart these withdrawals if it has been stopped for more than 6 months.

Importing Data into TurboTax®

Longleaf Partners Funds has collaborated with TurboTax so shareholders can now easily download their Longleaf Partners Funds tax information into their tax forms at no additional charge. For non-retirement accounts, you may import Forms 1099-B and 1099-DIV. For Retirement accounts, you may import your 1099-R. Please see below for more information and how to get started. Important note: In order to download tax forms to TurboTax, you must first elect electronic delivery of tax forms. To sign up for E-Delivery, please go to, login and update your delivery preferences under the Account Options tab. If you do not have online account access, please refer to the Online Account Registration instructions page.

TurboTax Getting Started

The instructions below will provide the steps to assist you with importing your Longleaf Partners Funds tax-related data into TurboTax. Longleaf Partners Funds does not support the TurboTax software; for a list of common questions and answers, please refer to TurboTax’s common questions and answers page. If you have questions about your Longleaf Partners Funds tax documents, please contact one of our Client Service Representatives at (800) 445-9469.

Please read the Terms and Conditions below before importing your tax documents.

How to Import Your Information

    Once you receive your Form-1099, have it available to verify the important information and follow these simple steps.

  1. If you have not already started your TurboTax return, select New Tax Return from the File menu in TurboTax.

  2. From the File menu select Import and then select From Financial Institution.

  3. In the box labeled “looking for”: type ‘Longleaf Partners Funds’

  4. Select XXX Client from the scrolling list box and click Continue.

  5. From the Sign on to Longleaf Partners Funds screen:

    1. Enter your Longleaf Partners Funds Account Number (do not include any fund trading symbol)
    2. Enter your formatted Social Security Number (or EIN tax payer id for trust accounts) including dashes (eg., XXX-XX-XXXX format for SSN’s or XX-XXXXXXX for EINs).
    3. Click Continue.
  6. Your tax forms will appear on the These Documents Are Now Ready for Import screen. To view the details of each document, click View Details to the right of the document. A dialog box will appear detailing the items TurboTax will import; when you are finished reviewing the details, select Close to return to These Documents Are Now Ready for Import screen.

  7. Click Import Now to import the selected items into your TurboTax return (a dialog box will appear to let you monitor the status of the download). From the Import Summary screen, select Done.

  8. Click Continue to begin the TurboTax interview process.


    If you have multiple accounts, all related tax form data for your tax id number should be imported in the above single step.

Terms and Conditions

Longleaf Partners Funds does not provide tax advice. Please consult a tax professional for advice specific to your individual circumstances.

Important: Be sure to verify that the imported information matches the information contained in the tax forms provided by Longleaf Partners Funds. The tax data provided for the import is an additional service, and there is no guarantee that it is sufficient for tax reporting purposes. Longleaf Partners Funds is not liable for your reliance upon or use of the import feature or the data provided through such feature. If you have specific questions regarding the preparation of your tax return, contact your tax advisor, the IRS, or the state(s) to which you report.

It is important to understand that the tax information imported into TurboTax products may not be all of the information required for you to properly complete the investment income portion of your federal and/or state tax return. It is essential that you complete the TurboTax Interview and/or review processes in their entireties to ensure that all imported information is correctly reported to the IRS and/or the state(s) to which you report.

Before using this information, review the important legal information and terms of use:

The use of the TurboTax branded tax preparation software and web-based products is governed by Intuit’s applicable license agreements. Intuit, the Intuit logo, TurboTax and TurboTax Online, among others, are registered trademarks and/or service marks of Intuit Inc. in the United States and other countries and are used with permission. Intuit is not affiliated with Longleaf Partners Funds. Intuit is solely responsible for the information, content and software products provided by Intuit. Longleaf Partners Funds cannot guarantee that the information and content supplied is accurate, complete, or timely, or that the software products provided produce accurate and/or complete results. Longleaf Partners Funds does not make any warranties with regard to the information, content or software products or the results obtained by their use. Longleaf Partners Funds disclaims any liability arising out of your use (or the results obtained from, interpretations made as a result of, or any tax position taken in reliance on information provided pursuant to, your use) of these Intuit software products or the information or content furnished by Intuit.