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Mattel: Ynon Kreiz on the Enduring Power of Brands and Navigating a Global Pandemic

Episode 13 / June 2020

Senior Analyst Lowry Howell and CEO and Head of Research Ross Glotzbach interview Ynon Kreiz, CEO of Mattel.

They discuss how Ynon went from a windsurfing instructor to media entrepreneur at Fox Kids Europe, Endemol and Maker Studios before becoming CEO at Mattel. [3:06-9:02] Next, Ynon discusses how Mattel has remained innovative through the current environment, how COVID-19 has impacted the toy industry, as well as Mattel’s near-term strategy and how Mattel has given back during this unprecedented time. [15:12-29:56] Ynon discusses core brands Barbie, Fisher Price and Hot Wheels, as well as up and coming growth brands, including Masters of the Universe. [35:11-45:23] Next, he discusses Mattel’s intellectual property (IP) monetization plans and Mattel’s long-term intrinsic value and growth proposition. [45:23-53:52] Finally, Ynon shares some personal insights in a short lightning round of questions at the end. [56:42-59:32]