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Hyatt: Mark Hoplamazian on the Future of Travel and the Importance of Caring for Others

Episode 20 / February 2022

Southeastern’s CEO and Head of Research, Ross Glotzbach, interviews Mark Hoplamazian, CEO and President of Hyatt Hotels.

Ross and Mark begin by discussing the global optimization of Hyatt as a brand under Mark’s leadership [2:06-5:13]. Next, Mark reviews his progress in increasing Hyatt’s global brand presence, while also transitioning to a more asset light strategy [5:14-8:57] and discusses why Hyatt has been able to perform head-to-head with the industry’s largest brands to build a superior long-term growth pipeline [8:58-12:10]. They then shift to discuss the impact of COVID on the hospitality industry – when Mark felt that consumers would begin to travel again [12:11-14:36], his views on when business and group travel will come back [14:37-18:50] and the innovation and efficiencies that the last few years have inspired at Hyatt and in the industry more broadly [18:51-26:13]. Next, they discuss the expansion of Hyatt’s resorts portfolio with the ALG deal [26:14-31:04] and how Mark prioritizes buying vs. building into new locations [31:05-34:50] and how different of a skill selling at the right price is to expanding [34:51-38:35]. Mark then covers the evolving impact of home-sharing on the hospitality industry and why it is not an existential threat for hotel companies [38:36-42:24]. Next, Mark talks about Hyatt’s purpose of “caring for people so they can do their best” and how he has prioritized wellbeing [42:25-47:56]. He discusses Hyatt’s commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and details the DEI initiatives the company has undertaken, as well as Hyatt’s – and Mark’s personal – focus on giving back [47:58-55:14]. Mark then talks about his history of working with the Pritzker family and the family’s involvement at Hyatt today [55:15-57:53] and discusses his thoughts on capital allocation and specifically share repurchase [57:54-1:01:19]. Finally, he ends with a few personal recommendations on Hyatt properties to visit this year [1:01:20-1:04:05].