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Proven Investment Approach

Our proven global investment approach focuses on protecting capital and delivering absolute returns.


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Idea Origination

Southeastern searches globally for qualified investment opportunities.

Ross Glotzbach, Staley Cates, Scott Cobb 1:40  

The Appraisal Methods

Our analysts use three primary methods to appraise a business.

Staley Cates, Scott Cobb 1:16  

Team Analyzes & Debates

In-depth reports are developed for qualifying businesses. A devil's advocate is also selected to attack the concept.

Staley Cates, Scott Cobb 1:09  

The Final Decision

Team makes final selection and takes position.

Staley Cates, Scott Cobb 1:37  

Appraisals Are Key

We base our investment decisions on the intrinsic value of the business.

Staley Cates, Mason Hawkins 1:08  


The statements and opinions expressed are those of the speaker and are as of the date of this presentation. All information is historical and not indicative of future results and subject to change. It should not be assumed that an investment in the securities mentioned was or would be profitable in the future. Past performance does not guarantee future results. Holdings are subject to change and holding discussions are not recommendations to buy or sell any security. Current and future holdings are subject to risk.

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Partnership is core to all that we do - within our firm, with our investors, and with company management teams.
Southeastern has many differentiating qualities and value propositions.

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