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The listed articles have appeared in various periodicals and publications over time and are not a complete list of writings about Southeastern or Longleaf. The publications control the timing and content, which has not been updated since the dates shown. The statements and opinions expressed are those of the author and are as of the date of the interview or article. Southeastern's views may have changed, and the articles are not a recommendation to buy any security. It should not be assumed that an investment in the securities mentioned was or would be profitable in the future.

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Type Title Author / Publication Description
We Welcome Unpredictability Robert Huebscher

Ross Glotzbach discusses Southeastern’s fundamental, bottom up, engaged investment approach in the current environment.

Bullish on Asia, but Not on Samsung Leslie P. Norton

Ken Siazon discusses Southeastern's approach to investing in Asia Pacific.

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Active Stockpickers Are Outpacing Passive Funds Leslie P. Norton

Barron's article discusses the resurgence of active stockpickers and highlights Longleaf Partners Fund as the top performing active fund in the second half of 2016.

Managing a Go-Anywhere, All-Cap Asia Pacific Strategy

Ken Siazon discusses Southeastern’s Asia Pacific strategy and current investment opportunities in the region.

Staley Cates on Why Active Management Wins in the Long Term Robert Huebscher

Staley Cates outlines why active management wins in the long-term.

The Manual of Ideas - Interview with Josh Shores

Josh Shores discusses Southeastern’s unique approach to value investing with an engaged ownership mind set.

Business, People, Price

Southeastern’s research team describes our investment approach and highlights some of the compelling opportunities they are finding outside of the U.S.

Buying Strong Businesses at a Discounted Price

Scott Cobb discusses the Longleaf Partners International Fund and current investment opportunities in Europe.

The Globe and Mail David Berman

Maintaining Southeastern’s investment discipline results in high cash as few companies meet the undervaluation criteria for Longleaf Partners Fund.

Interview with Staley Cates

Staley Cates discusses quality businesses available at discounted prices.

"Mason Hawkins and Staley Cates on Today’s Opportunities for Value Investors" Robert Huebscher

Interview highlights Southeastern’s process, several large holdings, and areas where the firm is not invested.

Don't Invest Where You Wouldn't Visit

The managers of the Longleaf Partners International Fund discuss the research process for investments outside of the U.S.

Interview with Mason Hawkins

Mason Hawkins does a Q&A with Columbia Business School.

On the Offensive

Value Investor Insight interviews Longleaf portfolio managers.

Outstanding Investor Digest

Outstanding Investor Digest provides in-depth coverage of two Southeastern/Longleaf client events.

Morningstar's Take Gregg Wolper

Morningstar reviews Longleaf Partners International Fund.

At Longleaf, 'Partners' Is More Than a Name Gregg Wolper

Morningstar highlights the merits of Southeastern’s “Partnership” approach.

Fortune picks Longleaf Partners Fund as one of the 5 funds "best positioned to thrive in 2009 and beyond" Yuval Rosenberg

This excerpt from Yuval Rosenberg’s article in Fortune magazine picks Longleaf Partners Fund as one of the 5 funds “best positioned to thrive in 2009 and beyond”.

Foundation & Endowment Money Management and Alternative Investment News Christine Benz

Selected Southeastern Asset Management as “Equity Manager of the Year” at the Nonprofit Awards for Excellence dinner presented by Institutional Investor Awards and Information Management Network. Southeastern could not have received this distinction without the loyalty and support of clients, particularly those in the non-profit world. We are humbled by and deeply appreciative of the confidence that clients have placed in our firm.

"Eating Their Own Cooking" Lawrence C. Strauss

A summary of the process and philosophy of the Longleaf Funds with emphasis on the International Fund.

"Want to Win at Fund Investing? Learn from Longleaf" Steven Goldberg

The author examines the attributes that make the Longleaf Funds attractive to investors and shareholders.

"Domestic Fund Managers of the Year" Christine Benz

Article announcing the selection of Longleaf’s managers as recipients of this award.

"Winning the Active Management Game: An excerpt from Unconventional Success" David Swensen

This excerpt from Dr. David Swensen’s book Unconventional Success highlights the investment values and process of Southeastern Asset Management, advisor to the Longleaf Funds.

"Lifetime Achievement Award"

Fund Action, a newsletter covering the mutual fund industry recognized Mason Hawkins with its Lifetime Achievement Award. This article discusses the principles that Southeastern has been guided by over the years.

"The Fundamentalist: The Best Mutual Fund Family in America" Jason Zweig

A discussion of the Funds’ business practices, including: shareholder meetings, significant fund ownership by employees, consistency of philosophy, and closing funds.

"Businesses, People, Price" Sandra Ward

Barron’s reviews Southeastern’s investment approach, philosophy, and examples of specific investment opportunities.

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